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Who better to find vulnerabilities than Ethical Hackers that specialize in penetration testing? Let us help you to secure your infrastructure today!

304 Million

Companies Suffered from ransomware attacks in 2020[1]


Average cost to a small business as the result of a cyber attack[2]


The percentage of businesses who have reported an attack in the last year[3]

137.7 Million

New kinds of malware found operating in 2020[4]

Penetration Testing

Pre-emptively finding and fixing vulnerabilities before they are exploited is one of the fundamental pillars of any good cybersecurity strategy. A penetration test will find and report on any technical vulnerabilities present in your organisation's infrastructure.

Managed Backups

Picking yourself up after an attack is never easy, but it is crucial that incidents are responded to quickly and efficiently. Our incident response teams can help you to recover from an attack with minimal losses.

Managed Backups

Is your business critical data all backed up safely with multiple redundancies? If not, we can help you to keep your data safe! We offer anything from best practice-advice, all the way up to managed backup services.

The Impacts of an Attack

In this digital age, cyber-attacks are becoming ever more common -- and the consequences can be severe. A single vulnerability can be all that it takes for a bad actor to cause severe damage to your organisation's finances and reputation. The risk of a data breach or ransomware attack is ever-rising. Our team helps organisations to minimise risks and squash vulnerabilities before they arise.

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A popular technique used by bad actors, ransomware allows malicious hackers to encrypt all of your data demanding a steep-price for handing over the decryption key. Our ransomare protection and monitoring services can help to keep you safe from this devastating attack.

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DDoS Attacks

The weapon of choice for any tech-savvy kid with a grudge, DDoS attacks send huge amounts of traffic to your public facing infrastructure in an attempt to overload your servers. We can help you to mitigate against these attacks.

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Social Engineering

Social Engineering remains the most common way for criminals to gain access to organisations. By tricking employees into executing malicious code the bad actors can gain access to even the most up-to-date systems. Our penetration testing and red teaming services are perfect for ensuring that your infrastructure has the best defences available to protect against malicious software. We also offer employee training on request.

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